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Mission & Vision

Third board meeting, 29 December 2017, Tetove

Who We Are

Elmedina Abdullahi

Board Member

Librarian at SEE University, Tetovo. Holds Masters in Public Administration from the same university. Also a board member at “Nëna dhe Fëmija”.

Siandra Hasani

Board Member

Assistant Manager for Audit Financial Services at KPMG in Hamburg, Germany. As a DAAD scholarship awardee, obtained MSc in International Finance from The Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Florent Musai

Board Member

Software developer at SAP SE, Germany. Graduated in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology from Vienna University of Technology.

Mentar Mahmudi


Researcher at Audi AG. Former Postdoc @ EPFL, Switzerland. PhD from Univ. of California, Merced with expertise in AI and Robotics.

Florin Hasani

Board Member

Founder of oLive Brandlab. Creator of many local and international brands. Acting as Creative Director in the Marketing & Advertising field. Graduated in CST from SEEU.

Sami Mehmeti

Board Member

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, SEE University, Tetovo. PhD in Legal History from the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law, Saints Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje.

Agon Memedi

Vice President

Researcher / PhD student at TU Berlin. Fulbright Alumnus at UCLA.

Sedat Adili

Board Member

Project Leader in R&D at a Swiss company. PhD from ETH Zürich in Electrical Engineering, with expertise in High Voltage Technology.

Besian Mehmeti

Board Member

Architect and founder at BMA. Engaged in numerous award-winning projects, guest-speaker in symposiums and several architecture events. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje.

Fisnik Musai

Board Member

Responsible for the electrical grid planning in Bavaria at Bayernwerk AG, Germany. Graduated in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology from Vienna University of Technology.

Hana Musai

Board Member

Manager for Consulting Banking Regulations at PwC GmbH, Germany. Obtained MSc in International Economics & Governance at University of Bayreuth.

Burim Ramadani

Board Member

Responsible for Global Product Engineering Processes at Magna Electronics in Germany. Graduated in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Jacobs University Bremen.

Official Documents

The statute of PENDA