Awards for the winners of XXIV Plus Math Olympiads

Association for Education “Penda” awarded the most successful pupils in the XXIV Math Olympiad organized between 17-19 May in Kline, Kosovo.

Member of the Board, Elmedina Abdulahi, represented our organization in this event, and handed the prizes to the winners.
Based on their ranking, the winners in this competition were awarded cheques in monetary value of MKD 5000, MKD 4000 and MKD 3000.

The organizers welcomed this generous act of Penda, which was positively welcomed by the pupils too.

Penda wishes lots of success to all of the participating pupils, and encourgaes them to continue with their efforts.

We also want to thank the organizers of this event, Revista PLUS, who for over two decades have contributed and supported the development of mathematically talented pupils in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

A full list of the awarded students is given below:

Grade IX awardees:
Viol Guda
Sabrina Alushi
Tedi Kallco
Nijada Kacmolli

Grade VIII awardees:
Lum Jerliu
Sahra Jahiji
Shpetim Demiri

Grade VII awardees:
Erina Collaku
Irian Kulici
Lend Kalemasi